Wear & Care

 How to wear


‘The Bend and Snap’

Bend and snap the comb clips open,

place headpiece in position on head,

slide teeth of comb clip through hair,

then finally press down on both comb clips to snap them back shut.

To remove headpiece from head: (as above but in reverse)

Bend and snap the comb clips open then slide headpiece out of hair.


To open comb clips -

The headpiece arrives with the comb clips open. Hold the headpiece in both hands with the base (non feathered side) facing you. Starting with the top comb clip place your thumbs on the left and right edges of the comb clip and your index fingers behind it on the feathered side.

Carefully ‘bend’ the middle part of the comb clip towards you by pressing your thumbs down and index fingers towards you until it ‘snaps’ open.


How to care

Handle me with clean hands. *

Keep me away from water and dust.

Store me in my In Full Plume box base facing up.

Be gentle with me and try not to ruffle my feathers.

We don’t love moths at In Full Plume, as they like to nibble our plummage, so we have placed a pouch of dried lavender in your box to deter little creatures from midnight munching!


*Dirt and grease from human hands damage my feathers.