An In Full Plume piece is a versatile keep sake made to last; to remind you of your blissful day, celebrate the beauty of the natural world, and to be worn again for future special occasions.



Brides -

Found your wedding dress?

Time to start thinking about finding your perfect headpiece to match - look no further, In Full Plume is on hand to adorn you with nature’s feathered finery!

Whether you are planning a traditional white wedding or alternatively will be adding some colour, we have a rainbow of plumage for you to choose from.

Bridesmaids -

Due to organic nature of the material no two pieces are ever the same – perfect for those wanting bridesmaids to match whilst simultaneously allowing each maid to celebrate their own individual style.

Wedding guests and party goers -

Choose from a unique collection of lovingly made feathered fascinators - wear one or numerous at a time to create your own statement piece that will have heads turning!